Apt Leadership helps organizations improve their performance and financial outcomes.

We do this through:
  1. Provision of software that creates business operating systems and processes.
  2. Optimization of the interdependencies between the systems’ components.
  3. Analysis of process metrics with suggestions embedded in the software on actions to take to improve your decisions.
  4. Training and consulting on Leadership of people and processes.
  5. Individual and group mentoring on the application of 1, 2 and 3 above as viewed through the lens of the “Deming” philosophy.

“There is no substitute for Knowledge, (as quoted repeatedly by Dr. W. Edwards Deming* at his 4-day seminars)… tools and techniques alone won’t suffice.”


Permanent change and continual improvement in people, systems and process performance.
  • Popular improvement methods and strategies will at best affect 5% of the causes of poor performance.
  • The remaining 95% causes of poor performance are unseen by traditional leadership theories.
  • To see this 95% requires understanding of
    (i) why we sub-optimize our systems and processes, and
    (ii) why we activate our people, instead of knowing how to create motivation.

AptTool Business Operating Systems Software (BOSS)

  • BOSS creates and documents business operating systems, processes and procedures for performing work consistently and accurately.
  • When properly applied, BOSS will provide compliance to ISO and regulatory requirements.
  • Your systems and process business operations can be viewed from any computer, Android, iPone or tablet that is connected to the internet.
  • Imagine an organizational leader who is travelling, and can view what is going on in the operations of his or her organization from anywhere in the world. The power of this electronic capability is indescribable.

ProAptive Data Analysis Software

This software guides the user through its application by means of a wizard, so that the correct analysis and decisions are made. This automatically advises the user which action to take in order to enact improvements. This action distinguishes between improving the system (common causes), and solving a specific problem (special causes). ProAptive Data Analysis Software therefore prevents the user from confusing action taken on the system, from that taken on an individual when analyzing and interpreting data, (a common problem in government, business and education).

*Dr. W. Edwards Deming – The man who re-engineered Japan after WWII.