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AptTool Business Operating System Software

AptTool is a software application for creating business operating systems and process mapping. It does not just create single process mapping, but has the capability to create high level business operating systems, such as financial, production and other systems, to which specific instructional-based processes are linked in a hierarchy that creates a systemic description of how the organization operates.

Since the business processes are represented by documented process mapping with capabilities to link specific documents and procedures, it therefore enables leadership to optimize their organization and conform to regulatory and ISO requirements. Here below is the systems diagram for a fictitious company. From this top-level systems diagram one can create all the sub-systems and organizational processes.


In the actual bushiness operating systems software you can click on, for example, the process flow diagram (process map) icon underneath the conversion processes, and create your process flow diagrams. For instance, you can create the process flow diagram for manufacture. See the example here below.


You can also create sub-systems underneath the conversion processes to enable parent-child-grandchild… and so on, subsystems; and subsequent sub-processes… ad infinitum. In this way you can create with our business operating systems software all the company’s systems and processes in an interlinking and descriptive way that shows how the company operates, and depicts the procedures, methods and instructions that need to be followed to accomplish the company’s aim and objectives. The total operating systems for the organization can be accessed on any company computer where the software was installed. A central database can house all the organization’s operating systems, processes and procedures. This ensures consistent and optimized operations with standardized execution.

Many organizations and leaders “manage by the seat of their pants”, meaning that there are no fixed systems and methods by means of which work gets done. This not only creates confusion and frustration in the organization, but causes waste and poor quality productivity. Unplanned and poorly, or non-documented methods and procedures, increase variation and costs.

In order to optimize the organization’s business systems and processes all staff should have access to AptTool. Some people will have editing rights, while all others will have access to view, apply and follow the organization’s designated operating systems and processes. AptTool thus enables the organization to create consistency in work and to design capable business systems and processes.