Training Materials


We have come a long way since the early days of training. We have realized through experience and mentorship from Dr W. Edwards Deming that techniques and tools for performance improvement without leadership excellence to support people appropriately, result in temporary improvement only and long term frustration.

Today we do not conduct training in process improvement tools alone; without leadership excellence to create an environment where people are motivated to implement the philosphy, and have joy in their work.

Interestingly, the USA invented statistical process control and used it very effectively during the war production, but after WWII the USA migrated to a “Taylorism” and “Skinnerianism” style of leadership, while the Japanese adapted the teachings of W. Edwards Deming, which included statistical process control. Hence the birth of the Japanese manufacturing industry, which has affected the world over ever since.

Therefore Apt Leadership’s leadership training teaches a new style of leadership that does not seek salvation in fixing their people but in employing the right people to start off with and then gaining knowledge themselves. They can then use their authority to mentor and coach their people and create an environment for motivation and success. Leadership through edict does not result in long lasting change or improvement, nor does it create an environment for motivation. Apt Leadership training teaches the application of the four pillars of Profound Knowledge and, when implemented by the organization’s leaders, results in improved performance.

  1. Seminars
    1. Systems Thinking and Leadership
    2. Purpose: To create Leadership Excellence that results in performance improvement.

        This 4-Day seminar consists of four components:

      1. Understanding of and appreciation for the organization as a system
        A organization can not manage itself. It must be managed. Here we teach how you should design and manage your organizational systems and processes. The leader’s job is to optimize the organization by getting all its components working together towards accomplishment of the organization’s aim.
      2. Understanding variation
        This module teaches the different causes and types of variation, and why it is important to recognize them, so that the correct action can be taken. Management action has to be based on science and knowledge. Intuition will not suffice.
      3. Understanding organizational psychology and motivation of people
        People are different from one another. We need to understand and manage these differences. Fear in an organization produces fudged figures and poor performance. Management by intimidation and fear will result in loss of revenue.
      4. Understanding and applying knowledge-based leadership
        There is no substitute for knowledge. All people decide what to do based on what they believe to be true. A common set of appropriate beliefs is necessary to create performance improvement through leadership excellence.
    3. Business Improvement Tools
    4. Purpose: To create performance improvement by improving organizational systems, processes and metrics.

      This 4-Day seminar focuses on methods and statistical thinking tools to improve business processes and outcomes. Participants learn how to make their business systems and processes visible through the use of our proprietary process mapping techniques; and how to create lean and efficient processes through these applications. We show how management can use these techniques to understand and improve the linkages between their business systems and to enhance inter- and intra-process co-ordination.

      At the end of this seminar participants will know how to:

      • Design and use statistical process control to accelerate performance improvement.
      • Identify and solve problems, and know when and how to change and re-design organizational processes.
      • Increase the value of the value-added processes.
      • Reduce non-value-added processes and waste.
      • Make appropriate decisions and take the correct action from their business and process data.
      • Improve existing processes and design relevant new ones.
    5. Free 6-Hour Seminar
    6. Purpose: To introduce leaders to the Apt Leadership plan and how its application creates performance improvement.

      Apt Leadership provides FREE 6-hour seminars which enable attendees to know what to do to create financial success. Attendees learn about the problems in their processes and what it would take to fix them. This is an interactive session that includes a video, which emulates Leadership issues in the real world.

      You will be exposed to:

      • What would you need to do to create lasting performance improvement in your organization.
      • Why the way most people are being managed prevent organizations from performing better.
      • Why most decisions from process and business data are incorrect.
      • Why many organizations are not successful in the long term.
      • Optimizing your organization as a system.
      • Introduction to organizational systems.
  2. Deming’s Famous Red Bead Experiment
  3. Purpose: Dr. Deming in person conducts his “Red Bead Experiment” to a live audience to demonstrate how dysfunctional many “real world” business operations are, and what can be done instead.

    The Red Bead Experiment consists of two parts:

    • Red Bead Experiment
    • Lessons from the Red Bead Experiment